Majorsilence Reporting Release 4.5.5 and 4.5.6

Majorsilence Reporting is a report and charting system based on Microsoft's Report Definition Language (RDL). Tabular, free form, matrix, charts are fully supported. HTML, PDF, XML, .Net Control, and printing supported. An experimental Gtk/WPF/Cocoa viewer also exist. There are also language wrappers available for php, python, and ruby that make it easy to generate reports. The WYSIWYG designer allows you to create reports without knowledge of RDL. Wizards are available for creating new reports and for inserting new tables, matrixes, charts, and barcodes into existing reports.

My-FyiReporting renamed to Majorsilence Reporting

My-FyiReporting has been renamed to Majorsilence Reporting.

Majorsilence reporting started as My-FyiReporting which was a fork of fyiReporting after it died. It has been rebranded as Majorsilence Reporting to make it clearer that it is a separate forked project. Its purpose is to keep the project alive and useful.

The Github project name and code namespaces will remain the same.

My-FyiReporting Designer Control

I have recently pushed a new My-FyiReporting designer control to master.

It is a winform designer and includes examples of how to host in WPF.

Simple winform example

Warsetup Post Install Execute App

I have updated my warsetup fork to include a new option to execute an executable once the installation is finished. What I would really like is the ability to setup custom actions through warsetup but this is the next best thing. At least for what I need to do.

It is available in the downloads section and in version 3.14.4 or above.

My-FyiReporting Android Port

I have been working on porting the core of My-FyiReporting to Android. I am making good progress. I do not believe there is much at all that needs to be removed or changed in RdlEngine, DataProviders, or RdlCri. This is because instead of rewritting the drawing code I am using a compatibility layer to imitate System.Drawing.

Eto - cross platform desktop and mobile user interface framework

I ran across a great .net project called Eto. It is basically "a cross platform desktop and mobile user interface framework" that is similar to xwt but more mature and supporting more platforms.

I have been testing the winforms and wpf back ends and they seem to work great. It also has a mac and iOS back end that appear to be fully functional. An android back end is planned for the future and I am currently investigating this.

MyFyiReporting Update - Barcodes, Bug Fixes, Reporting Server

I have been working on MyFyiReporting lately. There is a new wiki page describing how to use barcodes and qr codes (

My-FyiReporting Nuget Packages

I have started putting together some nuget packages for My-FyiReporting. This should make it easier for those that wish to use the viewer or designer in their projects to setup everything.

At the moment I have the x86 package created. It includes .NET 3.5 and 4.0 dlls and will auto setup for your project type. See

My-FyiReporting 4.5.2 Release

My-FyiReporting 4.5.2 has been released.

The main new features and bug fixes are:

  • RdlReader opens maximized and if only one report opened it opened it opens maximized
  • RdlReader can open files with command line arguments, allows dragging report onto reader icon to open report
  • RdlReader switched to toolstripmenuitem
  • RdlReader now has a toolstrip with open, print, and save as button
  • Icons upgraded to newer tango icons where possible
  • Some new copy right info added
  • Fix missing references

WarSetup Forked as WarPackager

I have decided to fork WarSetup. This is because it has not been updated in several years and was lacking some features that I needed.

I could switch to other software but I like warsetup and would prefer to continue using it. So until the main project starts releasing updates again I will be keeping my fork at

I have renamed the executable to WarPackager so there is no confusion between the main WarSetup and my fork.

Current added features WarPackager has over the main WarSetup are:

  • Wix 3.6 support


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