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DeVeDe is a program to create video DVDs and CDs (VCD, SVCD or CVD), suitable for DVD players, from any number of video files. Many different video formats are supported (mpeg, mpeg4, avi, asf, youtube and google flash videos, wmv, ogg, etc...). DeVeDe is an open source program and is free for all use. DeVeDe for Microsoft Windows is a version of DeVeDe that has been developed for Windows and will work on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.  

The main DeVeDe site is located at ImgBurn is used to create ISO files and burn DVDs.

If there are any problems with DeVeDe you can always give or a try.

The Windows version is unsupported and abandoned software. It should still work on most computers but is no longer being updated.


Softpedia guarantees that DeVeDe is 100% free


Last year (2010) DeVeDe was downloaded over 50 000 times.

To download DeVeDe you will need a BitTorrent client. The most popular is utorrent.

DeVeDe 3.17.0 Build 2 for Windows uploaded July 17, 2011.
devede-setup-3.17.0-build2.msi - Torrent/Free

DeVeDe 3.16.9 Build 7 for Windows uploaded November 27, 2010.
devede-setup-3.16.9-build7.msi - Torrent/Free

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DeVeDe 3.16.9 Build 4 for Windows uploaded August 19, 2010.
devede-setup-3.16.9-build4.msi - Torrent/Free

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I'm continually impressed by the compatibility DeVede provides for the ordinary home DVD player. Excellent!

I haven't really explored any options beyond adding "Play" to the menu and a movie-type poster (*.png) image for the start up, but this app is my always my first choice! I honestly haven't needed anything more than this!

Gr8 work! THANK YOU!

please help me

i am getting an error message during the conversion process stating

error might be due to insufficient disk space

but i have 20GB of free space on the drive and it will require only 4.7GB of disk as i have selected for normal dvd but not dual layer dvd 9

please help me and send your valuable suggestion to my email id:

used on Linux, needed for Windows for work - stunning, thx.

Thanks so much, this is a great app to have on Windows!!


Awsome program, used it extensivly on linux. Great to have on windows aswell.

the best program to encode/record videos

thank you

gracias el mejor programa!!!

gracias exelenteprograma es el q mejor utilidad me a dado apesar de ser de linux es compatible con windows los felicito gracias

I have tried many programs to convert wmv files to DVD - DeVeDe is by far the best: high quality output, easy to use and fairly quick processing (windows XP, 2GHz Pentium 4).
Delighted that I found it!!!

I tried convert rmvb files with the version 3.12.2 but it crash in loading the file. Is it because of the bug fixed in the version 3.13, that is, it "fail when LANG is not defined"? I am using a Linux 3.14.0 version and it is great, perfect! I would like this version in Windows.

Thanks. From Brazil.

A must have tool that everyone should have!

This program is my preferred application for converting nearly any video to a DVD in Linux.

Your work and that of the program's author is much appreciated!

How work with rmvb on windows?
that's the best on linux.
waitting for a help.
from Brazl.

While I do not have any rmvb files to test myself, I have just updated devede to 3.12.3 to use a newer version of mencoder so it may work now.

This is an extremely good programe to convert avi. to dvd. So heres my problem i need a free softwaare that will burn my VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS files to dvd. Any solutions!?!


Download ImgBurn from
Install then run program. Select folders to burn (your VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders) then burn disc. Hope this helps.

I need a free command line tool to burn the output files to CD/DVD.

Thanks in Advance,

--> ImgBurn. Free, eficiente and light.


--> write files/folders to disco.
In 4x velocity or -.


From Brazil.

Thanks for the update MajorSilence, much appreciated.



when making dvd with menu and multiple avis........

sometimes will not load the next avi.......just hangs

sometimes will encode all avis.......without hanging

using 3.12.2 now with no problems.....


Old version uninstalled and fresh installation of DeVeDe 3.12.4 for Windows. I can't run the program: nothing happens and I have the following messages in:

devede-err.log :
C:\Programmi\MajorSilence\DeVeDe\devede.exe:164: PangoWarning: Impossibile trovare il modulo specificato.
C:\Programmi\MajorSilence\DeVeDe\devede.exe:164: PangoWarning: Failed to load Pango module '/target/lib/pango/1.6.0/modules/pango-basic-win32.dll' for id 'BasicScriptEngineWin32'

DeVeDe 3.12.4
Using direct files
Failed to load modules DEVEDE_OTHER. Exiting

Thanks in advance.

I have tested it on a few computers besides my development computers and it has problems. I won't be sure what it is until I check tonight, but I think it has to do with imgburn support or more likely that something got left out of the installer. I will probably be uploading 3.12.5 to replace it tonight.

Ok, cool. It was working here with no problems, other than the preview images in Video Scaling were missing (minor niggle)...

i have created menù but when i click on it don't start film! i have 5 files (4 film + 1 menù) ok; the 4 films files work very well if i lunch they each one at time! but nothing starts when i click they on the menù!

Tnx for great program.
If there is non English letters in video file path, DeVeDe would not recognize file as valid video file.

I use Win Xp Sp3 32 bit and it works(All the time, No Crashes) with mkv files better than ConvertXToDvD and better quality too. Thank for the Program and all the work you put into it. Keep up the good work.

Devede has a simple intuitive interface, it does everything I need, menus, multiple titles, merge titles into one, multiple output formats, subtitle support and more. It may not be as configurable as some of it's windows rivals, but for linux Devede produces excellent results. .. Great application :)

Chiery, Download Games website

I often use Devede to reauthor dvds by extracting the original audio and video stream to a single vob file. In version 3.14.0 a new option was added to Devede that helps to simplify the re-authoring process. Instead of having to re-encode the audio/video I can simply check the box labeled "Repack audio and video without reencoding." Unfortunately that option is only available in Devede for Linux. It would be great to have that option available in Windows as well.

This is an unfortunate situation that will be fixed as soon as PyGTK works decently on windows.

Basically the problem is that devede depends on PyGTK and the latest release is 2.12.2 on Windows but parts of devede require pygtk 2.14 for it to function correctly.

I have seen those builds but have not tried anything with them. I have been waiting for an official build of pygtk but that seems unlikely to happen any time soon. So tonight I may look into some of the unofficial builds people have been working on and see how well devede works with them. If it works I will be posting a devede 3.15.2 build.

if you say that pygtk i needed then for what application o preferences you need it when using devede?

I have DeVeDe 3.15.2 working now. There are a couple issues that I have found that I am working on but I suspect that I will upload zipped folder of the build shortly. If there are no problems sometime this week I will upload new installers for version 3.15.2.

Is is possible to have an option NOT to be build any menu at all? I'm converting single avi files to DVD format and simply don't need a menu.

Thanks - otherwise excellent. The best free software I have!

I have 3.15.2 running on W7 32 Bit. If I add two avi titles, adjust disc usage to 99% and use default options otherwise, the conversion fails - no errors, it just stops - no CPU / RAM usage. If I try to cancel, DeVeDe hangs and I need to use Task Manager to kill it. It stops in different places during the conversion (I've tried a few times) which makes it harder to diagnose. Hopefully you can suggest something... (I have ImgBurn installed, but it's failing well before ISO creation)

I am having the same problems with 3.15.2. I am not having the problems with 3.12.4. My suggesting is to stick with 3.12.4 if it was working for you.

I know what is causing the issue but when I fix it the conversion is 4 or 5 times slower. Once this issue is solved I will move 3.15.2 out of testing.

I believe I have fixed the problem and have uploaded 3.15.2 build 8 as the final build for 3.15.2.

Estimating how much space a show requires is very difficult. The underlying memcoder is very conservative. Don't sacrifice quality just because it says > 100%. IME with TV shows you can get 4 'hour' long episodes on a DVD but as most series are 13 parters you only need to do that for episodes 1-4.
With HD you will safely get 2 episodes on a DVD (approx 3.1Gb). Don't bother trying to squeeze on a 3rd as you will probably find it needs 3.7Gb and 1bit :-(

Thanks for the new version!
Just installed DeVeDe 3.16.0 and I noticed that the graphical interface is in english. How change it for my Winxp language (brazilian portuguese)? This was set automatically in DeVeDe 3.12.4 ...